By Collin Brennan


One would be hard-pressed to count all the hats Davy Havok has worn in the 20-plus years since his career took off as the frontman of that shape-shifting creature called AFI. From hardcore punk to devil-locked goth to bespoke rock‘n’roll star, Havok has shown a remarkable ability to inhabit every archetype he can dream up, […]


Human Leather take a trip to San Junipero with the premiere of ‘Astral Pain’

Share Tweet Share Share Email There is a heavenly nostalgia in the neon-pop of Salt Lake City’s Human Leather—nostalgia that binds together an electric pink and blue Trapper Keeper’s worth influences that is refreshingly not a pastiche of bands ranging from OMD to Cyndi Lauper—but rather capturing the spirit of an era over 30 years past. The […]