Speedy Ortiz cover TV on the Radio’s “Young Liars” for Planned Parenthood benefit compilation — listen

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Photo by Erik Voake With Planned Parenthood coming under increasing fire during the current administration, musicians far and wide have banded together to support the organization in any way possible. The latest effort is Cover Your Ass Vol. 1, the first installment in a series of charitable compilation cover albums From Lionfish Music. Out May 26th to comp features contributions from …

V.A. – I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness

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Artist: Various Title: I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness Release: Tape, Digital Year: 2016 Label: Prejudice Me “I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness” is an awesome compilation featuring 16 DIY punk bands to celebrate five years of Prejudice Me label’s existence! Prejudice Me is Fran & Zoe’s cute DIY label and distro that started out in 2011 simply as a way to raise money and …

Hidden Home Records Release Label Compilation

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Boise record label Hidden Home Records have released their first label compilation for pay-what-you-want download on bandcamp. The compilation is entitled “Do You Remember Punk Rock Comps? Vol. 1” and features Union Stockyards, Destroy Nate Allen, Wicked Bears, and more. You can listen to the compilation below. Source link

Balkan Noise: A Brief Intro to the Ex-Yugo Underground Music Compilations

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For those who missed last 25-30 years or skipped history classes, Yugoslavia was a socialist and communist country in the Balkans. But unlike the similar countries of Eastern Europe “behind the Iron Curtain”, Yugoslavia was out of any blocs. In fact, the country was a founder of Non-Aligned Movement, but still had a good influence on Western culture. That was …