By Lizard Hips

Ampwrecked 14: New Music For Your Ears

Death From Above – Never Swim Alone (Last Gang) The comments below Death From Above‘s latest single are certainly interesting. Content to continue dividing opinion, Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F Keeler push the boundaries of their minimal set up, especially on Never Swim Alone; which, sounds like a wrestler’s entrance music. Seriously. Don’t read this […]

By Eddie Fu

Converge announce first album in five years, The Dusk In Us, share “Under Duress”: Stream

Photo by Reid Haithcock When Converge dropped a new 7-inch EP in July, the metalcore legends teased an upcoming full-length as well. Today, Boston quartet has made good on the promise by announcing its first album in five years, The Dusk In Us, out November 3rd via Epitaph and Deathwish. Converge’s ninth full-length is self-produced […]

By cosstaff

Top 50 Cover Songs from Movies

Say Anything has “In Your Eyes”, Goodfellas has “Layla”, Apocalypse Now has “The End”, and Fight Club has “Where Is My Mind”. These are established truths. But a cover song in a movie is different. It can actually elevate the drama — ascribing meaning and sentiment to the music being played. All of a sudden this song that we’re pretty sure we’ve […]

By Lizard Hips

PABST / Autisti – Split 7″

Bands: PABST / AutistiEP: Split 7″Label: CrazySane RecordsRelease date: 1 SeptemberSounds like: Pedal-stamping, slacker-grunge shred. Surely one of the best kept secrets in the underground music scene is CrazySane Records, right? This little Berlin-based label, run by Chris Breuer of ear-bothers HEADS. has been quietly releasing some great records, split 7″ and EPs over the last […]

By Collin Brennan

10 Hair Metal Albums That Don’t Suck

Sometimes, music criticism in the 21st century can seem like one big, hapless exercise in re-evaluation. The ascension of poptimism means we can no longer scoff at or ascribe shame to mainstream commercial tastes, and when critics aren’t heaping praise on the Beyoncés and Taylor Swifts of the world, we’re turning back the clock and […]

By Lizard Hips

Ampwrecked 13: New music for your ears

High Signs – A Much Larger Ocean (?) The sudden and shocking rasp of vocalist Sam Hargrove from Toronto’s High Signs is more than enough to wake you from a slumber. His cutting, Chuck Reagan-esque bark has the snarl of the Gainesville punker – ravaged and raw and suits their danceable post-punk shuffle to a tea. […]

By DIY Conspiracy

Adrestia: Punks for Rojava

Adrestia is a crust metal force coming from Sweden that takes politics seriously. Live, these guys engulf the audience in the flames of an ongoing struggle for direct democracy and autonomy happening in Rojava, while still playing great music influenced by equal doses of scorch-all-to-hell crustcore and melodic Swedish death metal. On Monday night they […]

By Lizard Hips

Mutoid Man – War Moans

Band: Mutoid Man Album: War Moans Label: Sargent House Release date: 2 June Sounds like: A bone chain bandaged around your mind in the afterlife. I’m not surprised to hear that Mutoid Man brew their own beer; 6.66% apparently. It’s the logical beverage to accompany anything surrounding them and their music -a bottle really should […]

By Lizard Hips

’68 – Two Parts Viper

Band: ’68Album: Two Parts ViperLabel: Cooking VinylRelease date: 2 JuneSounds like: Amps/drums/guitars/pushed to the limit. A ’68 Camaro launching itself into your face. “I could have been anyone from anywhere, but I chose to be me, right here.” When a man in a suit approaches you in a dream and tells you that you will […]