By Ben Kaye

A Place to Bury Strangers’ Dion Lunadon shares self-titled debut solo album: Stream

Photo by​ ​​​Ebru Yildiz ​​Dion Lunadon was so used to being on the road with A Place to Bury Strangers that when the band took a bit of a respite from touring, his creative mind got restless. Struck with “a neurotic impulse to make a batch of songs and do it right then and right there,” the […]

By Michelle Geslani

Blondie perform their new song “Long Time” on Fallon — watch

Blondie stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday for their first late-night TV performance behind Pollinator, their star-studded new LP. Guided by the always magnetic Debbie Harry, the punk/new wave veterans danced the evening away to album cut “Long Time”. The song was co-written by Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes. Catch the replay up above. (Read: […]

By Michael Roffman

Album Review: Blondie – Pollinator

Blondie’s intentions were clear when they released “Fun” and “Long Time” earlier this year. The two singles for their 11th studio album, Pollinator, make the case that zero time has lapsed since the band’s 1978 masterpiece, Parallel Lines. Of course, several decades have come and gone since Blondie emerged as part of New York’s punk rock scene […]

By Michelle Geslani

A Place to Bury Strangers’ Dion Lunadon premieres shredding new solo song “Howl” — listen

Photo by Ebru Yildiz For the last five or so years, Dion Lunadon has held a full-time job as the bassist for noise-rockers A Place to Bury Strangers. Recently, however, Lunadon has been hit by something of a “creative spasm — a neurotic impulse” to explore music by himself, under his own terms. The result? His very […]

By Ben Kaye

Zipper Club share the B-side to their Record Store Day 7-inch, “Regrets” — listen

If you weren’t looking closely, it might seem like Zipper Club have simply come out of no where. They locked in James Iha to produce their forthcoming debut album, and before it’s even been release they’ve toured with Tears for Fears, performed at Coachella, and are set to take the stage at Shaky Knees. It’s the […]

By Robert Ham

Album Review: Depeche Mode – Spirit

Depeche Mode occupies a unique place among the constellation of synthpop acts that emerged from the UK post-punk scene around three decades ago. Since the release of Songs of Faith & Devotion in 1993, they’ve been entirely disinterested in the “pop” half of that portmanteau, creating instead a gloomy yet sensual swamp that sprouts elements of […]

By Michelle Geslani

Canada’s Century Palm premiere video for new song “Then You’re Gone” — watch

Photo by Rico Moran It’s often said that things in life become much clearer as time goes on. The growing pains supposedly all faded, our personalities settle, and any impulsive need to “try stuff out” just for the heck of it gets flushed out of our systems. As I near 30, I have days where everything does, in […]