By Matt Melis

Album Review: Waxahatchee – Out in the Storm

The title of Katie Crutchfield’s new album as Waxahatchee, Out in the Storm, might ring familiar to her longtime fans. After all, it was a snowstorm that once left the songwriter stranded in her parents’ Alabama home, an imposed seclusion that directly led to her project’s brilliant, trembling debut, American Weekend. The songs on that […]

By Lizard Hips

Arnocorps – The Unbelievable EP

Band: ArnocorpsAlbum: The Unbelievable EPLabel: Alternative Tentacles RecordsRelease date: Too Ballsy! (25 August)Sounds like: Going faster and faster! The Greatest Band Of All Time still remains the most factually correct album title in existence. Yes, those Austrian-American rock ‘n roll action pioneers, Arnocorps are back in new EP form, Unbelievable, right? WRONG! TOTALLY BELIEVABLE, EXACTLY! Riding […]

By Damon Workman

Review:The Over Everythings ‘No Solidarity’

The Over Everythings          No Solidarity I am in a quandry with this review.  I’m torn between being speechless and word vomiting superlatives at a blistering pace. I guess you could say I’m smitten with Hannah, the young heroine of No Solidarity‘s epic tale of disillusionment in modern times. The Over Everythings are […]

By Jules kenNERDdy

Is Rayner’s, “Disasters”, a Disaster In Itself?

My first attempt at clickbait – what do you think I’m gonna say? Does Rayner’s new EP suck??? Spoiler alert – IT DOESN’T! Shockingly I have yet to see Rayner perform live – but I’ve known of the band for quite a while. This is the first time, to be honest, I sat down and […]

By Ty Dykema

Review: Boys Home – “Wishbone”

Review: Boys Home – ‘Wishbone’ Until recently, I didn’t give the state of Kansas much thought unless it was March Madness season and the Jayhawks were playing. But over the last year and some change, there’s been a buzz in my ear about this unique and growing music scene from the eastern suburbs of Kansas […]

By Lizard Hips

Ampwrecked 13: New music for your ears

High Signs – A Much Larger Ocean (?) The sudden and shocking rasp of vocalist Sam Hargrove from Toronto’s High Signs is more than enough to wake you from a slumber. His cutting, Chuck Reagan-esque bark has the snarl of the Gainesville punker – ravaged and raw and suits their danceable post-punk shuffle to a tea. […]

By Lizard Hips

Mutoid Man – War Moans

Band: Mutoid Man Album: War Moans Label: Sargent House Release date: 2 June Sounds like: A bone chain bandaged around your mind in the afterlife. I’m not surprised to hear that Mutoid Man brew their own beer; 6.66% apparently. It’s the logical beverage to accompany anything surrounding them and their music -a bottle really should […]