A Nest of Old Punks

Fri 18th Aug
A Nest of Old Punks
The Birds Nest, London

An Alternative Gathering are delighted to bring you bring you an evening of punk rock’n’roll.

From 8pm
Free Entry

The Phobics
Formed in Deptford in 1999 by a bunch of punk survivors and misfits with a love of raw rock n roll and bored with a smug and complacent music scene. Sometimes tight, sometimes not. Occasionally sober but always eventful, faster and louder. A kick up the arse with great tunes that’ll hook you deep. Sign us why doncha?

A Post-Punk vision of the future whilst embracing the past … Taking the post-punk blueprint of bands like Joy Division and Magazine, the frozen intensity of early Banshees and the art-school nihilism of the Velvets through to the Stooges, Morgellons have created a sound that, although rooted in a rich musical past, has a relevance and urgency that marks them out as something very different from their peers.

Getting Under The Skin Of The 21st Century

The Satellites
Started in Acton in 1977, formed 20 years to the day that the Soviet Union launched the world’s first Earth satellite – Sputnik. Their original 6 year lifespan saw them record four 7″ singles and one 14 track LP.