Angelic Upstarts / No Thrills at The Brickyard

Forming in South Shields in 1977, Angelic Upstarts Band Page launched their punk crusade with the independently released single ‘The Murder of Liddle Towers’ in 1978. The band paid for the recording and pressing of 500 singles which they released themselves and sold at gigs and local record shops. The single was then picked up by Small Wonder Records who released it nationally. Its attack on police brutality earned them an early patron in Sham 69’s Jimmy Pursey, who chased a similar constituency of disaffected working-class fans.

The band then signed to Warner Brothers, Pursey producing the L.P. ‘Teenage Warning’ (1979). The band’s wholehearted delivery coupled with their denunciation of racism – a particularly admirable stance at a time when other ‘skinhead bands’ were flirting with right wing elements – made the album a classic. With the UK hit singles, ‘I’m An Upstart’ and ‘Teenage Warning’(both 1979), they focused on the plight of the working class.

Doors: 8pm

Admission: £12.00 advance. Ages 14+ (ages 14-15 to be accompanied by an adult).

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