Bolton Punk Picnic 2017 tickets available paypal event details

Well here it is the anticipated details for Bolton Punk Picnic 2017
The day will start around noon in Queens Park Spa Road Bolton.
There are grass slopes in the park anyone remember sitting on those slopes back in the 80s? Lets take a trip down memory lane and start off there. Weather permitting there will be some acoustic acts (i hope) to keep us entertained!!..Now listen up this is a picnic the clue is in the name, so get to the park, sit in the sun or drizzle and enjoy whats free!!
From 5pm till Midnight weve got for you 12 of the finest Punk/oi bands youll see in a while. This is at The Alma Inn Bradshawgate. two stages inside and outside, 7 solid hours of music!! to satisfy all tastes!!
Headlining this event are VOMIT a fine punk band of distinction.
Xtract, Top Dog, Mutha Luvin Chimps, Burning From The Inside, Razorblade Smile, Vitriolic Response, PMT, Litterbug, The Muffwigs,No Thrills and the mighty Cosmic Slop
Tickets for this event are available at £6 each (plus postage 50p)
Tickets from ;- paypal
please when ordering through paypal include 50p for postage and your postal address
also available from PMT gigs.
tickets are to admit one person for the Alma gig all monies go directly to the bands. The park is free.
all tickets bought, stubs to be entered into a draw to win some shit yet undecided….booze??… come on buy your tickets and support BOLTON PUNK PICNIC 2017 LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!