Dischord, Battle Katz, Performance Enhancing Suppositories Tour

This is the Glasgow date for the Dischord, Battle Katz, Performance Enhancing Suppositories 2017 tour!
Punk Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Heavy Metal, alcohol, bad jokes and loud noises to shake you to attention!

Dischord are an intense live explosion of energy and anger! One of the best live D.I.Y bands currently in the scene; they have recently released a new studio album “War or Peace”

Kringer and the Battle Katz are a riot from Manchester who use brass in their Heavy Metal sounds to create something unique! Combined with an insane, cartoon humor they are a great laugh for the not-so-easily offended!

The Performance Enhancing Suppositories are Glasgow’s most hated and unstable band! Playing all things Rock ‘n’ Roll in a unique way you will be disturbed and shocked but you’ll love it!

Half charge are one of Glasgow’s newer bands and play their Oi Punk sounds with an enthusiasm that not many can match! They are raw, loud and right in your face: doing Punk Rock the way it should be done!