Diskollective presents FREAK SHOW!

Fri 13th Oct 2017
Diskollective presents FREAK SHOW!
T.Chances, London

Roll up! Roll up! Ladies, Gentleman, freaks of all descriptions and eye count, your presence has been requested at the biggest party pit of curiosities and human oddities North London has ever seen!

For one night only, you are free to be yourselves, our dear freaks! Be the bearded lady, the strong man, the cyclops, the fortune teller, the mutant or the 6 legged conjoined twins that’s been itching to surface inside you. Tonight ABNORMAL is the new NORMAL, PECULIAR is the new FAMILIAR.

Join Diskollective for a night of extraordinary entertainment from both us and you alike! The bounciest live bands and djs will make you stomp your extra large feet and delight your furry ears! Performers will tantalize your twisted minds! Crazy props will amaze your third eyes! Your future will be wrongly read and your contorted bodies heavily tattooed.

Freaks united! Come to play with us!

NB: Non-freaks will be thrown to the toothless Tigers or sold to the boring circus across the way!


We are thrilled to have two of our favourite bands playing freak show! Drumroll……..

FAINTEST IDEA – Ska/Punk with deep, hard hitting dual vocals and addictive brass

THE GREAT MALARKEY -folk-punk-blues


MAXIMILIAN -80’s New Wave (New Romantic, Post Punk, Synth Pop, Punk Rock..)


Victoria Line running all night, no excuses to miss this!