Free Garageland 79 – The Cavemen, Suicide Generation, Antonio Cafre & Los Traumáticos + Black Rooster


FRIDAY the 13th of OCTOBER 2017

The Cavemen
Suicide Generation
Antonio Cafre & Los Traumáticos
plus special guest Black Rooster


8:00pm-12:00am. Please come early – the first band starts at 9:00pm sharp and live music finishes at 11pm. Then DJs spinning ’77 punk rock, snarling ’60s garage and raw rock ‘n’ roll til midnight!!

Donations will be greatly appreciated & are needed – we’ll pass a donation box!!

Complimentary tortilla chips and homemade Mexican salsa for the earlybirds!!

The Unicorn is situated on the junction of Brecknock and Camden Road. To get here you can take the 29, 279 or 253 buses from Camden Town station. Alternatively, it is a short 20 minute walk, directly up Camden Road to our location.

The Unicorn is in a residential area so please keep the noise down out front and please don’t bring your own cans of beer. It is a lovely old pub with fairly priced drinks, and both the pub and Garageland depend on your patronage at the bar. Many thanks 🙂

The Cavemen (New Zealand)

London’s (via NZ) brilliant gutter punk reprobates, purveyors of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll via psychotic lo-fi garage-rock’n’roll noise.
Tired of waiting around for the world to end, or to be abducted by aliens, four delinquent cretins were brought together by dumb luck and a shared love of Rock’n’Roll. They learnt three chords and started busting out face melting music. Soon they will be playing at your wedding, Pak’n’Save opening, local chicken shop or naked pot party. Do the maggot.

Suicide Generation

It’s not even a year since a Colombian cretin and two neanderthals from New Zealand decided to inject a speedball of trash into the (once again) burgeoning London punk rock scene. The formula is beers, blues, deadbeat punk and telling the stories of a sick and twisted world. Add three buzzsaw guitars and exile the low strings and you have Suicide Generation.
Channeling the spirit and sounds of The Reatards, Gun Club, Pussy Galore, and GG Allin, they have exploded all over the city as one of the trashiest and most unpredictable bands around. Leading this suicide pact is the super-charged sickness of lead singer Sebastian Melmoth, who rips out his vocal chords whilst choking on the microphone, (coupled with chugging down pint glasses by the dozen ) along with the unseemingly steady balance of Emily Crowler’s snarling rhythm guitar, that forms the glue around a revolving door of delinquent players from all ages and walks of life.

Antonio Cafre & Los Traumáticos:

Months after the group Los Cafres broke up in August 1989, its singer and song-writer, Antonio Cafre, went into a major depression and wandered around the world looking for a new band to keep on playing rock´n´roll. His main aim was to repeat the success of the hit “Solo soy una Alimaña” (I’m only a varmint). After decades doing the rounds of clubs and docks in cities like Havana or Hamburg, always cities which were ports like his hometown Vigo, he never found his place and so disappointed, he finally returned to the place it all began.

One night in a bar in the Teis neighborhood rock at last caught up on him, as if he was bitten by a pit-bull. This was where he met Indy Tumbita, the highly successful guitarist from bands like Thee
Tumbitas and Pedrito Diablo y los Cadáveras. This guy had a great reputation and the legendary John Peel on BBC Radio once called him one of the best rock guitarists of his generation. They
both had the same idea: to get a couple of musicians who loved rock´n´roll and who only had bands like Radio Birdman, Dictators and Burning in mind. Soon two real characters joined them. The first was Emilio Iniesta, “ the Sonora sting “, an experience drummer from the Mexico D.F. scene and Juanma Ons, a punk-rock fan and devastating guitarist in bands like Phantom Club and Cool Funeral. In just a few months, the bad was complete and the adventure was in full swing. The group’s motto is simple: ‘Live rock, there is nothing else’. And so Antonio Cafre & Los Traumáticos saw the light, in the docks of Vigo, after a fair few beers and a lot of hard work.

“De Vigo a Bangkok” (From Vigo to Bangkok) is the band’s first EP, released in February 2017 under its own label Velvet Cave Records. There are five songs recorded in the studio Estudios
Eclipsis, produced by Paco Serén (Los Piratas, Los Duques de Monterrey) and the guitarist of the band Indy Tumbita, with mastering by Manuel G. Sanz (Selvática, Indómitos). These five songs are influenced by High Energy Rock n’ Roll, the wildest Power Pop and by the streets of the city where they were born – Vigo. If you like Radio Birdman, MC5, The Jam, The Boys, Flaming Groovies, Steve Bators,The Heartbreakers, Burning, beer and ructions, this is your group.


Israel Ruiz
Velvet Cave Management
(034) 986229083