Girl Power/Jotnarr/Iron Drugs/Community/Lab Rats

Summer fun with MBBP at Retro. Only 1 band we’ve had on before.

Come and support everyone and make Manchester look good.

£5 on the door

Bands in no particular order except alphabetical:

Sheffiled smashers with 2 great eps. Saw them last summer in Leeds and they were ace.

Girl Power
Get their record “Welcome to the Gun Show” that came out this month. Contender for release of the year already. Coming up from Oxford to provide the noise

Iron Drugs
Local loudness, even Tree likes these but don’t hold that against them.

If you haven’t heard Burn and Bury then I feel sorry for you. Amazing record. Had them booked in November but sadl gig was cancelled, so happy to have them back up.

The Lab Rats
Always happy to have these on, great live and lovely people. They must have caught me in a good mood as I’m not taking the piss.

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