Half-Arsed Fest! PizzaTramp, Murderburgers, Kimberly Steaks…

Well well well. Here we go again.
Half-Arsed Promotions presents – Half-Arsed Fest.
Its like a fest, but only half arsed and probably much more fun.
For your punk rock delictation we have five of the best uk touring bands available. You’re so lucky! 🙂

Pizza Tramp
Three piece three chord skate punk straight outta South Wales, influenced by Black Flag, Beer, Pizza and Drugs

The Murderburgers
Pop-punk band from Scotland. Songs about being flat broke and going mental. New album “The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People” out on Asian Man Records/Round Dog Records!

The Kimberly Steaks
Best band in the world.
Pop-punk band from Glasgow. They like to play shows and put out records.

4 Kent lads playing punk rock their way. For fans of catchy tunes and good times.

A few little tales from the underside of life (and death), brought to you with tunes, gusto, and not a little cider.

Come and flail around like a drunk.
8 quid on the door.
No nobheads.