Icons of Filth/Warwound

Fri 16th Jun 2017
Icons of Filth/Warwound
Retro Bar, Manchester

Another gig from MBBP. First after what will be a 3 month break after the March all dayer.

Crusty/Anarcho fun at Retro.

Tickets £7 advance.

Link below:

MBBP: Icons of Filth/Warwound (16 June)

Massive lineup:

Icons of Filth


Legends coming to Manc for the first time since I can remember.
Onward Christian Soldiers is a fuckin 80s classic and everyone needs it in their lives.



So pleased to have them playing. We had them booked for our 2 year birthday back in November but for reasons that were no fault of theirs or ours we had to cancel so really happy to have these in Manchester.

Burning Flag


Northern amazingness that we’ve wanted to have on for a while. Check out the album below.


Vitriolic Response


These lot are pretty much becoming MBBP’s house band. Always great to have on and always help us out and an awesome band and that’s even with Will smashing bongos at the back.

Feral Existence


Sheffield aceness that will blast your face off to start the evening.
Recording first work in the next few weeks.

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