Ladies Night at The Unicorn

Fri 28th Apr 2017
Ladies Night at The Unicorn
The Underworld Camden, Camden Town

An Alternative Gathering are well pleased to present an evening of top quality female fronted rock bands

Bands start at 8pm
Free Entry

The Actions
“A dystopian dream that’ll pull you in and leave you wanting more ” – Gigslutz.
“A massive sound you won’t forget about quickly” – Fame Magazine. “Like a David Lynch/Portishead lovechild, weaned on rock…” – TC Helicon.
“Sorry you hidebound fucks: But The Actions speak louder than words. Especially this band. Ready for guitar and bass, drums and a critical approach on Western society?” – Nothing But Hope And Passion.
Hundreds of gigs played including opening for R.E.M., Green Day, Garbage, Distillers … A single in an MTV US movie O.S.T. “One hell of a trip!” – Fresh On The Net

The Roz Bruce Infusion
“Lead-lady, Roz, is a formidable musician, playing her guitar like a female Hendrix (including briefly playing the instrument with her teeth), and yelping like Siouxsie (of the Banchees) at times. The rest of the band are darned good musicians too. The style is guitar-mangling alternative / psychedelic rock. Lyrically, she’s a bit of social commentator, for example, with songs dealing with socially difficult situations and alcohol problems”. – gigjunkies, November 2012
“This Midland band mix wahwah/fuzz driven rock with punky overtones and distinctive vocals and produce a highly likeable and infectious sound.” – Get Ready to Rock, April 2014

Yur Mum
An improbable band with an improbable name. Yur Mum is a blend of anything that’s loud, noisy and comes from the heart. They call it ‘road rage’ rock. East joined West to play a fusion between grunge, punk, hard rock, metal, blues and anything else that is loud, noisy and comes from the heart. This female-fronted three-piece joined instruments for the first time on a cold night in London, 2015. After several beers and some bourbon, they went to an industrial warehouse in Acton called Survival Studios willing to make ‘awesome music’.
The sound of Yur Mum is best described as Kim Deal, Dave Grohl and Slash getting together for a jam after way too many shots of Cachaça and Palinka. In their own words, “Yur Mum sounds like Nirvana playing Jazz or the Ramones playing Blues”.

From the ashes of Rehab Doll come BLOW, a new grungy punk/rock band fronted by the husky voiced Romy. Imagine Courtney Love fronting the New York Dolls, no me neither, but you get the idea.