Metal at The Blossoms Stockport

SOLDIERS OF JOY present to you another night of slam jamming muzack to get yo boogie on down too!!!

Once again we return to the home of the majority of the Kittenz in Stockport at The Blossoms!

Free entry. Bands at 8pm

Well obviously the BKZ are getting their party on down to this and drinking some fine ale! So who are boozing it up with us and providing the beatz for your audible pleasure to dance and drink beer too?


Hard rock Groove Punk Metal
If you haven’t heard of these yet then what rock have you been living under! These are absolutely ace and are going places! Coming from Huddersfield and are one of Manslugs personal favourite bands! Also respeuctful of the genius that is Kurt Russell like us. Despite being absolutely ridiculous, they should also be taken rather seriously. They were the winner of the best single (which you can watch here) at the Pure Rawk Awards and they were also nominated for best bassist, best frontman and best EP. In 2016 they are once again nominated in the Best EP category. Heck. Their live shows are somewhat hyper and probably explains why they’ve played with Heck a few times now, as well as with the likes of Bouncing Souls, Skindred, Therapy?, Alkaline Trio, Joey Cape, Blacklisters, Brawlers and a full UK tour with Snuff and Bam Margera’s Fuckface Impossible (You know, the one from Jackass who lets off fireworks in his parents’ bedroom). So make sure you don;t miss this!

Trombone grooved party metal
A mixture of Groove, Thrash, Nu metal, Hardcore, Rock n roll and punk. Powered by a trombone, fueled by low end, the odd peppering of a rap, garnished with beatz, and finally soaked in joy! Don’t miss these! A killer live show which is energetic, loud, and thoroughly rediculous.

Grindcore Thrashy Punky Hardcore
Churning out a barrage of aggressive music istheir specialty. A combination of crushing guitar riffs, growling bass, tight drumming, odd timings, savage vocal assault and politically charged lyrics. These are an absolute beast to behold. A charasmatic and engaging frontman, savage music, and brilliant beats.

Low tuned balls out heavy metal
hoofKnuckle are a four piece low and slow, balls out Metal band hailing from Yorkshire. With a sense of humour and some beastly riffs these are gonna kick your ears in!

20:00 – 20:40 hoofKnuckle

21:00 – 21:40 Forged in the Furnace of the Sun

22:00 – 22:40 Kringer and The Battle Katz

23:00 – 23:40 Mr Shiraz

Possible guest appearance from Barry Chuckle. Possibly not.