Punk. Protest and DIY living. 40 years on- A DIY revolution exhibition.

When punk began it changed many things, many people & attitudes world wide. let’s celebrate the times & people who we’ve become because of this movement.
Spanning 40 years, we want to see & hear how it changed your life & how the ethos still holds today. From punk came a plethera of different cultural movements. So whether you started a band, went on the road, bacame involved in protest or lived a life apart from the norm we want to hear from you.
I’d like to curate an exhibition of us all, artworks, sound, spoken word, everything that comes from the core.
I’ve applied to use the railway arches in Laureston, Glasgow. There are 23 of these for use. They are amazing spaces and can be used for all types of things, from installation of artworks, sound and light as well as stages or space for performing arts.
I would like to finish the event off with a gig.
If you have something you’d like to contribute please get in touch with an expression of interest and an outline of your proposed work and we can start to look for funding and get a programme together.
Please share around all groups, friends and family who this may interest. Hope to hear from you soon.