Pussycat & Dirty Johnsons Army Of Skanks Featherz Anarchistwood

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons- Pussycat in the Dublin is always immense, most definitely not to be missed. They just get better and better, the intensity of their very own brand of punk rock, the quality of the material, it’s all remarkably uplifting. The Stooges, Pistols, Stooges, Cramps and The Ramones all resonate but none of them guys had the confrontational but sympatico Puss up front challenging the audience at every whoop and yelp and delivering such monstrously cool songs. Why aint they massive part 94….. Army Of Skanks- Powerfully hewn girls to the fore (well the drummer is a geez) punk pop n roll with a Runaways meets Babes In Toyland feel. Excellent, what a night you lucky bleeders. The Featherz- Danie Cox’s Bowie and glam informed punk rock passion play. Ace songs aplenty, she can definitely write em. A corrective aural attack on all things mundane and murky in a post Trump world. Anarchistwood- Taking searing acid singed psych punk, cranium scrapingly intense and played with sass and joy and imbued with just a whiff of cool conceptual punk pranksterism hese anarchists wood give the MC5 and The Stooges a run for their ramalama. Another shit hot outfit with strong woman upfront, Juno be praised.