Round Eye UK Tour – Manchester

Mon 26th Jun 2017
Round Eye UK Tour – Manchester
Retro Bar, Manchester

Round Eye – Shanghai
The freakish malformed spawn of doo-wop, punk and free-jazz. Sax powered chaotic live act.

The Rocking Horse Club – Brighton
Basement rock

The Performance Enhancing Suupositories – Glasgow
Offensive rock n’ roll with a sick live show

Kringer and the Battle Katz – Manchester
Trombone powered party metal. Choas on the stage.

Retro Bar from 19:00

Round Eye are Shanghai’s craziest Rock ‘n’ Roll band! Touring their third studio album “Monstervision” they will hit the UK this Summer with their experimental, controversial, Garage Punk noise! One of the most energetic live shows of all time can be expected from Round Eye! This is Rock ‘n’ Roll at it’s absolute rawest, most guttural and in-your-face providing an experience you will never forget!

The Rocking Horse Club are Brighton’s most awesome Basement Rock band who’s sounds ooze heaviness but are also obscenely catchy! There is an eclectic range of influences in their music and they are a powerful and animated live force which will blow your mind! You will NOT be standing still when these three guys and a grrrl plug their instruments in!

The Performance Enhancing Suppositories are Glasgow’s crudest, most despicable, dangerous idiots! Their Frankenstein Rock ‘n’ Roll is fuelled by the worst, blackest humour imaginable and punctuated by weird (and possibly deadly) stage props! This band is a riot in face paint keeping Rock ‘n’ Roll edgy as it should be!

Kringer and the Battle Katz are a Heavy Metal riot from Manchester with a brass section! They’re sick, they’re insane, they’re not very good at the bagpipes and they will kick your ass all over Manchester! Bring your sense of humour and get ready to mosh!