Swinefest 2017: Hair of the Bear – 3 Days of Punk, Ska, and HXC

Our shambolic 3 day sozzlefest returns after last years success! Same venue as last time so the Atlantic Beach beer garden will be open again selling pints, bottles, and cocktails to get you all in the mood for some crazy dancing and drunken singalongs.

3 days of banging DIY punk, ska, and hardcore coming in your ears

THE FILAMENTS: Heading up from Essex for their first York gig, The Filaments will be blasting out their signature blend of Ska, Punk, and Oi! for the BGB crowd on Saturday night. We’re stoked to have these guys on board and can’t wait to see them in the Fulford!

MATILDA’S SCOUNDRELS: Another first appearance in York for this folk-punk mob from Hastings. These lot killed it at Pie Race and got everyone moving, they’re not to be missed!

PIZZATRAMP: These lot have built a solid reputation for themselves over the last couple of years and we’re buzzing to have them at Swinefest. Fast as fuck, thrashy hardcore pizza punk from Wales

THE BURNT TAPES: Another band from London we’ve got coming up for the first time with some cracking melodic skate punk sounds. is The Burnt Tapes. Their EP is sick, enough said.

MOTHCOB: A bit of a BGB favourite, Lincolns thrashy grind punk crew return to cause a scene once again

TC6: Hometown boys TC6 will be playing their brand of high octane, politically charged punk rock on Saturday afternoon to force everyone into their dancing shoes

20+ more bands TBA
Tickets available here