The Tuts, Dream Nails, Charmpit + Granola Suicide

Doors for this show will be at the relatively early time of 7pm. Tickets are on-sale now and can be found via the following link.

If the show doesn’t sell-out, tickets will be available on the door at a slightly higher price to be confirmed nearer the time.

I’m afraid the venue is for over 18s only, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this, or any other aspect of the event.


The Tuts are an indie punk trio from West London. Live, they seriously pack a punch, and are noted for their impassioned songs about sexism, feminism and everyday life-isms. Their music owes something to the Libertine’s brash, devil-may-care aesthetic but they are not fashionable, and hopefully never will be. This is not beautifully crafted gloss for the latest hipster market – the tunes are too good for that. Their timeless three and four chord rants sung out in authentic working class accents carry the X-Ray Spex and 70s New Wave mantle onwards. The Tuts are ‘indie’ indeed, but not in some generic introspective sense: here is a band that possess that irrepressible spirit unique to independent DIY bands. There is no escaping it, ready or not, The Tuts are coming…


DREAM NAILS are queer feminist punk witches from hell ready to hex you!

“An anger only the politics of 2016 could inspire” – NYLON

“Dream Nails are cool AF” – The Debrief


Charmpit are lo-fi pop punk powered by best femmes forever friendship.

“Cute in a good way” – Collective Zine

“Their sound reminds me of some of the best pop punk garage bands that have cropped up over the decades: like The Ace of Cups, Dara Puspita, The Delmonas, Julianna Hatfield 3, Daddy Issues. Bands who make us realize how glorious the genre is. But Charmpit is warmer and more beautiful. And they can scream.” – Loverboy


granola suicide is anti-anti-anti-anti-folk.