Vicious Rumours at NXI

Sat 29th Jul 2017
Vicious Rumours at NXI
New Cross Inn, London

An Alternative Gathering are well chuffed to bring you a band from my home town for once – the legendary Vicious Rumours.

£10 Advance available now via the link above or these ones

Vicious Rumours at NXI

Doors 4pm
On the door price is £15 so you’re better off buying a ticket!

Vicious Rumours
Formed in 1979 in SE London/NW Kent, we’ve had a few changes in musical direction aswell as members over the years, as do most bands Over such a long a long period of time.
During the early eighties we were involved in the oi! scene that swept through Britain and europe either supporting the major bands of the time… BUSINESS, 4SKINS, PATTTB, ANGELIC UPSTARTS etc or headlining gigs with the ‘second wave’ of oi bands that emerged.
We stopped playing in 1988 due to being disillusioned with what was happening at the gigs, it stopped being fun.
We got together again in 2000 briefly, with shows around europe and the USA, however due to us all being in different countries by then it was almost impossible to continue as we wanted.
We have recently decided to get together again, well, as much as we can and look foward to concerts and recordings in 2017.

With support from:

East End Badoes
Punk/Old School/1979. No politics, no bullshit, no judgement, just 101% pure badoes. East End Badoes are a well and truly established band which grew strong and fast in the 80’s, through the years of music recession the band have taken time out to work, write and recover but now in the twenty teens the band is back with a bite to reclaim the new streets, the old fans and original songs.

The Blue Carpet Band
Powerhouse five-piece garage blues/punk rock’n’rollers based in North London. Like classic blues-rock proponents such as The Yardbirds and early Rolling Stones mixing it up with early New York punk, The Cramps and The Stooges, think big riffs, 12-bar boogie and unstoppable energy.

Underclass UK
With a blatantly blue collar outlook on the world, blended with a seriously street punk sound that doesn’t hide from its metal or glam roots. Comparisons to bands Exploited or Cockney Rejects are not without warrant.

Female fronted punk rock straight out of Maidstone. Chugging beats, singalongs with illicit choruses. Originally formed in Spain back in 2007.

Lead Shot Hazard
Based in London, Lead Shot Hazard is a coming together of third wave kids – fast-paced, horn-driven ska/punk whose aim in life to make audiences bounce, and then hum our songs on the way home.

Dog Rotten
A 4 Piece Punk Band based in South East London/North West Kent bringing in influences from punk, rap and rock & roll. Combine that with a feisty live performance fuelled by lager, and you’re in for a good night of dirty rotten dogging.

Russ Crimewave
An injured hand, an acoustic guitar and a handful of songs and Russ Crimewave was regurgitated from the bowels of punk rock to hurl angry acoustic songs at beleagured audiences like a type of Billy Bragg on steroids!

Plus more to be added